Material Handling Blowers

• Open material handling wheels are suitable for most industrial requirements. Application includes: abrasive dust exhaust (as in grinding and buffing) conveying granular material including sawdust and wood chips, fume dust and high temperature air handling.

• Air handling wheels are designed for applications ranging from clean air exhaust to light material handling. Applications include: smoke and heat exhaust, corrosive and heavy fumes and light dust.

• The wool wheel or backplate material handling wheel is designed for handling long, fibrous, stringy material. Applications include: conveying wood shavings, yarns and paper trimmings. It also offers higher efficiency than the open wheel in handling granular materials.

Boiler Fan

The ID and FD fans are carefully designed to meet ideal requirement for various industrial applications. 3 basic types of fans are made in heavy duty construction with statically and dynamically balanced impellers which gives trouble free performance. Available air delivery 500 cum/hr 1,50,000 cum/hr. These models consist of completely backward curved, backward curved with self cleaning and straight.

High Pressure Blowers

SMW Pressure Blowers lead the industry in efficient, stable performance and overall customer value. Pressure Blowers are used in a variety of process and environmental applications where low volumes and high pressures are required. Examples include pneumatic-conveying, soil remediation, combustion and numerous high-pressure gas-handling systems.

Normal Fault Analyses

Fault name Cause

(1)Fan vibration:-
when the fan is operating, the impeller touches the ring, the reason may be the ring or impeller becoming deformed between the transport or stockpole. the dynamic balance is cracked, the reason may be the impeller bicoming deformed during transport or storckpile or installation.

(2)Motor heaten:- the resistance of the system is too great, the motor operate overload or the valve of duct system do not opened . the voltage id too low or the motor operates lacking phase.

(3)Deficient volume :- the system is leaky. the resistance of the system is too great. the wind door of the system is close . the model of the fan is not fit the system.

Air Pollution Control Devices.
Cupola Furnace.
I.D. Fan
Oil Storage Tank
Sand Mixture
Fuel Saving Device
Muller Machine etc
Centrifugal Pump
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