Fuel Saving Device


We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range ofcoal feeding plants. These are widely utilized in coal handling plants and thermal power stations. Manufactured using premiumquality raw material, they are use for move coal from the trucks.highly durable, these products are easily availed at affordable rates.

In this device the coal is crushed by a Pulvarizer and transmitted to the storage tank through cyclone and adequate pipelines.

The storage tank is now equipped with coal dust of 150 mesh. Rotary valve/worm drive is driven by DC motor and controlled by DC panel; rotary valve is fitted below the storage tank and controls the flow of coal from storage tank to the pipelines.

The pipeline is diverted towards furnace with appropriate suction pipes and dividers. The divider divides the pipelines to burners as required according to size of furnace.

The blower is attached to the pipeline to create air pressure in pipeline, which in turn carries coal dust towards burners and gives continuous flames in the furnace.

Recuperator is also provided to carry warm air through draft of furnace. This warm air is carried towards a burner that in turn helps in heating furnace faster comparatively then ordinary air provided by blower.

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